S A R O S - The Cycle of Portraits 
by Bratislav Bato Medojevic
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Saros is a period of 6585 days (18 years and 11 days and 8 Hours). The ancient people from Assyria- Babylon knew that cycle of all eclipses of the sun and moon and this period got the name by this people. Three celestial bodies as three points in triangle in those eighteen years describe configuration of mutual moving of its past, present and future.
Eclipses, as we call them, are impressive part of one cyclic process, the road precisely. They are manifestation of moving but also the repeating, same as those from the beginning of the world (our world).
That is why I gave this name to this cycle of portraits, because the symbolic of this period was useful for me from many reasons, and as a many-sided experiment.
On my portraits, the relation between eyes and mouth determines the character of person. That is the relation between spiritual and sensual (material). In that collision of light and darkness, spiritual and material, the bases are written and characters of our personality are sketched. They are not monobasic but complex. Moreover, every portrait is an act of changing, and every change is a moment and story for itself because every character brings in every moment many possibilities and expressions, but also the opposition. We determine some and other express themselves or we do not notice them.   
Many rivers hold little water in their springs; nevertheless, they take their name all the way to the far mouths. The same is with our characters and us. We look like stream of many generations. It seems that there is only one, but it is made of thousands of different threads. Maybe that number can be expressed in billions-the same number as the number of our brain cells?
There is a forest of portraits around us. Every shape is expression and every expression is a character and figure.
Portraits are everywhere: on leaf of every branch, in treetops, on bark of trees, written on the walls and pavements, ceiling and floors of bachelor’s room or luxurious house-equally damp or freshly painted. Sometimes we are stepping on them on the surface of ground and rocks and sometimes they are taken by wind and clouds or by waves of streams, rivers and sea. They are in every glance of eye or lips. Moreover, every one of them, wearing his previous and future shape, has his subtle present, essence, origin and judgment.    

These drawings are notes of some moments around me. They are classified according to chronological order, without selection, unintentionally and in waves of creation.
Pictures-portraits, done in different techniques, are excluded, because they will be included in “Saros” 3.
There are 6585 portraits in every cycle of drawings “SAROS”.

Bratislav Bato Medojevic