Terra Art Gallery - The Cycle of Paintings by Bratislav Bato Medojevic
Creation in the name of Earth
What is home? Searches for reply start in early childhood and its nature is existential. Latter considerations take us in the depth and structure of psyche and archetype. We are directed to that by Bible and its doctrine that we were made from dust and we will return to dust.


,Position' (Triptych) I,II,III-IV,V,VI-1997.(2 x 100.cm x 249.cm)

“Terra” is the cycle of paintings started in 1993. This cycle of paintings explains complex and diverse symbolism of earth.
This is not a series of paintings of some elaborated idea, but of more ideas, which interconnect and live in painting harmony and reflective context. The cycle was imagined from the beginning as composition of axioms of level, that is, harmonious and energetic interferences of ideas, symbols, allusions and associations in natural ambient of colors and level affinities.
As far as each painting is different and independent of other paintings, it harmoniously fits in and connects to others.
In this cycle I do not handle the illusion of space. I was seeking after direct area, the archetype of earth, free of illusion of perspective and space. Sensuality and naturalness of such spaces is hard to be registered by camera. The value and indirect experience of these paintings is reduced by making photographs. That actuated me to advance the technique to such an idea.
In order to get closer to natural area, colors are deprived of intensity and glow. A painting acts as natural surface, autarchic object, with all its sensual characteristics of natural surface.
The cycle is divided into segments (associations) which intertwine so the series of paintings Eros and Gaea consists of parts of paintings Polyptych, Geography, Act and Landscape.
The technique, as well as the colors and everything else, is subordinated to basic idea of painting and cycle by symbolic meaning and it fits in them ideally.
The colors and all the bases are made of persistent natural materials. Basis of all the bases is the canvas.

H_9   H_10
View from a Cliff 1993.(145.cm x 200.cm)   A Leaf and a Portrait 1994.(83.cmX100.)

Painting technique – Terra appreter
Terra appreter is a painting technique based on natural materials which were known to the old masters.
Natural materials of this technique were not used in more complete purposes because of insufficient knowledge. I consolidated them and prepared in new, but still natural ambient in which they can prove their longevity easily (since all other internal mutual connections are harmoniously put in).
Their reaction on external factors is completely harmonized and identical with basis and canvas. There are no any mutual differences which would be perceivable on painting in long term – as in other techniques.
This technique was only possible for realization of the spirit of the idea of cycle TERRA since in order that the spirit of the earth is presented on the painting correctly, it should be consistently imitated.
The most important is that the whole content of this technique is symbolically fitted in the whole idea of this cycle.

H_13   H_14
,Landscape' 2007. (83.cm x 100.cm)   ,Landscape' 1999. (100.cm x 125.cm)




The Cycle of Paintings TERRA
,Maternity' 1994.(67.cm x 80.cm)
,Passion' 1993.(67.cm x 80.cm)
,Landscape' 2001.(83.cm x 100.cm)
,Strength' (Horse) 1993.(145.cm x 200.cm)
Dissension from the Cross 1993. (67.cm x 55.)