Terra Art Gallery - The Cycle of Paintings by Bratislav Bato Medojevic
T E R R A-The Paintings- Creation in the name of Earth
P1_1   P1_3   P1_4   P3_4
,Ascension' 1993.   ,Ascension' 1995.(121x103)   ,Portrait of Time" 1995.   ,Dead nature' 2001.
P2_1   P1_2   P1_5
,Dusk Over a Water Spring' 1996.   ,Bull' 1993.(118.c. x 183.cm)   ,Waiting' 1994.(55.cm x 67.cm)
P2_2   P2_4   P2_3
,Wall letter' 2003.(83.cm x 100.cm)   ,Creation' 1994.(67.cm x55.cm)   ,Locality' 1997.(100.cm x 125.cm)
P3_1   P3_2   P3_3
,Openness' 1993.(83.cm x 100.cm)   ,Maneuver' 1997.(100.c. x 125.cm)   ,Regio I' 1997.(100.cm x 125.cm)
P4_1   P4_2   P4_3
2002. (83.cm x 100.cm)   ,Evening' 2002.(83.cm x 100.cm)   ,Roof' 2002.(83.cm x 100.cm)
P5_1   P5_2   P5_5
,Roof' 2005.(83.cm x 100.cm)   ,Roof' 2002.(83.cm x 100.cm)   ,A Tree' 2008.(83.cm x 100.cm)
P4_4   P23_3   P5_4   P6_3
,Unspoken word' 1996.   In rerum natura 2000.(83.x100.)   Openness 1996.   ,no name' 2004.(100.cm x 83.)
P6_1   P6_2   P6_4
A View of the Yard 1997 .(100cm.x 125.cm.)   Bull' 1999. (100.cm x 125.cm)   In absentia 1998.(83.cm x 100.cm)
P7_1   P7_2   P7_3
In the backyard 1998. (83.cm x 100.cm)   In the garden 1998 (83.cm x 100.cm)   Composition 1994. (67.cm x 80.cm)
P8_1   P8_2   P8_4
A Nude with a Mirror' .1994.   Fatigue .1995. (145.cm x 200.cm)   A Drop 1994. (55.cm x 67.cm)
P15_4   P9_3   P7_4   P8_3
Earth 1995.(83.cm x 71.cm)   Landscape - Autumn Play 1996   Explosion of the Eye 1996.   Profile .1994.
P9_1   P9_2   P9_4
A Landscape of the Ground 1996.   Municipium 'S 1996. (83.cm x 100.cm)   Letter 1996. (83.cm x 100.cm)
P13_1   P13_2   P13_3   P13_5
Ascension 1996.(100. x 83..)   Ascension 1999.(100. x 83..)   Feeling 1993.   Calmness of Emotions 1995.
P13_4   P22_1   P22_2
Breath of the Earth 1995.   Passage 2001.(83.cm x 100.cm)   Cylinder 1996.(83.cm x 100.cm)
P15_1   P15_2   P15_3
Opus alchemic I 1999.(83. x 100.)   Space - Settlement 1996.(83. x 100.)   Passage 1996. (83.cm x 100.cm)
P17_1   P17_2  
Landscape 2005.(83.cm x 100.cm)   'no name' 2000.(83.cm. x 100.cm)   Opposite the church 2002.(83. x 100.)
P20_1   P20_2   P20_3
Metropolis 2004.(83.cm x 100.cm)   Home town 2002.(83.cm x 100.cm)   ,no name' 2002.(83.cm x 100.cm)
P20_4   P17_3   P22_3   P22_4
.Portrait 2002.(83.cm x 100.)   Portrait 1994.   Touch 1994.(83.cm x 71.cm)   Opposition 1999.(125. x 100.)
P21_1   P21_2   P21_4
Signum temporis 2001.(83.cm x 100.cm)   Suburb 2000.(83.cm x 100.cm)   Breakfast an the Grass 1999.(83. x 100.)
P23_1   P23_2   P23_4
In rerum natura 2000.(83.cm x 100.cm)   In rerum natura 2000.(83.cm x 100.cm)   In rerum natura 2000.(83.cm x 100.cm)