Terra Art Gallery - The Cycle of Paintings by Bratislav Bato Medojevic
From critics:

…Bratislav Medojevic wears in his huge interest a bit of specific renaissance's curiosity where all elements humanize and ennoble everything. He gets down to the realization of every part with detail and devotion, trying to get to the heart of a matter in order to give it that important figurative element. Medojevic approaches to this process investigating and, one would say, scientifically because he accomplishes this process going deeply into essence which comes out eventually as achievements that figuratively seems impress, logic and clear.

Cetinje, October, 11. 1998.  

Art critic, Milan   Marovic                                                                                                                           

Comment on exhibit of paintings “Terra - municipium”

Tracing non-weariness

Art of Bratislav Medojevic is in special way refined, solitary by observation, plurimeaningful by message. The lyrical element in works is unobtrusive, difficult to perceive, but present. He is often literary in a way. Emphasizing artist’s creative sincerity, publicist and cult urologist, Petar Radovic says that in the artist’s work “global is harmonized with reflective”, that the “art method is coherent, so one can get the impression that paintings emerge one from another and make a politic composition”. It appears that this observation is confirmed by his latest works as well.
The paintings of Medojevic do not excite at once. They seek to be beheld quietly and for a long period of time, in order to specify path of creative thread, to speak with them as with witnesses of time and objects of acknowledgment. The new paintings are completely estranged from sometimes before all present figuration and hit the essence of existence of the objects and surfaces as bases of energetic constitution of fields which make urban entity. They are urban and dedicated to city as step forward into modern time.

Academic (Montenegrin Academy of Science and Arts) and art critic,       


Olga Perovic

Podgorica, April, 24.th, 2007.

  From critics:

Art critic of exhibit of paintings “Eros and Gea”

Painting saga on civilization movement

On the first, even cursory “reading” of paintings of Bratislav Medojevic, it becomes clear that artist deals continually for a longer period of time with observation of essential life themes and meanings. Doing that cyclically in special creative works, we are able to consider phases of “mood”, different states of painting which become essential place of charge/discharge of energetic juices of life.
Bratislav Medojevic moves us through coded map of geographical states, “inducing” to thinking on cause-consequence connections of man and nature, identifying woman with earth in his artistic confession. Seductively, maturity, reproductive ness are only some of the analogies which connect woman and earth through symbol, two “identical” principles, omnipresent in its centennial duration as inspiration and essence. Eros and Gaea, those two mythical deities, those two essential characteristics are actually the cause of painting saga on civilization movement through primordial, archetypal and eternal, for returning to the right values and establishment of new, rediscovered and for the artist the only possible way toward truth/life. In the act of execution, Medojevic “imitates” earth, in facture, layering, deposit of pigment, in darkness, tonal solutions and nuances, using terra apretura as dominant painting technique. Adjusted and rethought painting, equalized and expected in rhythmical repetition which moves things from within, unobtrusively establishes/opens countless issues/dilemmas.  “Plowing” his picturesque “ridges”, by scribing canvas making specific perforations with memories on primitiveness.
Those microscopic “agglomerations” which reduce matter to core are amazing kaleidoscopes of meaning through infinity of seeking. From minimalistic and often reduced expression, the artist makes “step forward”, or it comes back to it, toward figurative, as if he wants to acquaint that it is necessary and indispensable side of dichotomic Being, sensual, erotic, feminine. The attributes of motherhood, embrace, lust, ecstasy, warmth as personification of wife-mother, keeper, protector and everything which embodies female principle, from origins until present contextualization is something which “lures” Medojevic creatively to expression, act of new creation. However, repetition through movement of matter, energy, their intertwining and exchange as a kind of act of inauguration of new essential order of affairs.
Creative opus of Medojevic “Eros and Gaea” is actually “terra incognita”, which waits for its revelator in each of us.

Art critic, Anastazija Miranovic

Bar, April, 2009.


...Medojevic’s mastery in drawings can be seen in every picture as its special accessories, both in those of pastel translucent and inner light, as in those with dramatic layer of paint and with relief plastic.

Podgorica, May 1994.

                                                                                    Pero Radovic


A great number of drawings reveal specific creative, classic Medojevic’s qualities. It can be seen specifically in drawings-portraits which are done confidently, maturely, impressively, in a manner of the best Montenegrin masters of drawings…

“Monitor”, Friday, May 5. 1995.

                                                                                Olga Perovic


In a complex picture of contemporary Montenegrin art, Bratislav Medojevic’s work is completely lonely.

Cetinje, April 1996.

                                                                                Mladen Lompar


Literal theorists and critics, analyzing Balzac’s work, used to claim that only God made so many characters as Balzac made in his literature. I would say without any daring that Bato Medojevic made even more characters than Balzac. I will fortify this claim with only information: in his very small and more than modest studio, Bato keeps more than 10 000 portraits. Those are drawings and in this exposition that huge Bato’s world is represented by two characters only, enough only that we can anticipate how he began. I do not know for an institution so rich. Actually, I would ask whether there is a museum with so many portraits in the Balkan.

Podgorica, July 21. 2004.

                                                                    Lale Novicin Brkovic


If the basessence of beauty is in simplicity, even when art is concerned, than we can say that Bato Medojevic found the real key, specifically for that essence…

Podgorica, May 8. 2007.

                                                           Predrag Sekulic


Drawings from 1996 are of the same quality although they are different in the approach which is reflection of his broad and good knowledge of drawing possibilities. Those are sketchy drawings, portraits of certain characters, notes taken by pen, graphite on paper. He makes female portraits softly; line is thinner, “stingy”, portrays outlines and elements of face, emphasizing certain character’s expression and mood. His drawings gravitate toward abstraction. The approach toward the production of male portraits is more expressive, line is thicker and sharper. Some of them are done with so many endeavors that make a pen tears paper. Those differences in the approach are consequence of inner mood of the artist in a moment of creation. Somehow, this “game” of lines on paper creates a surrealistic figure that is in final changes…
The entire creative work of this artist deserves our full attention.  Divided into cycles it represents constant improvement which assure us that it is a complex and unique creative work.

Podgorica, December 12. 1998.

                                                             Marina Celebic


In our local world, which is epically enormous, without specific love and mercy, these lines, drawings and paintings are, actually, traces of our fear, defense from our own compulsion, and artist’s self-exile in the world before evil, before the awareness of evil.
Ladies and Gentlemen, between words and silence, in striving to outgrow paradox of pure figurative and modern conscious in some testimony-you are already pretty much in the artificial world of painter Branislav Medojevic…

Podgorica, December 12. 1998.

                                                  Prof. Doc. Bozidar Sekularac